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Babis Dermitzakis
Kalamon 9A,
Athens 11147
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Modern Greek poetry is a marvelous poetry

Manolis Pratikakis, Lekythos (1995)

Clean it with rainwater and salt
again and again. Rub it
with emery-board that its eyebrows
and the half-erased plectrum may show 
on the clay.
That it may speak with the voice of birds
and recognize its own flight
in the still point of the breast.
That the dancer may awaken in the 
adjoining light from within.

Rub it with lots of water and angry
hands, that when the rust goes away
it may appear to resemble your buried
chest; which, though a vase on the outside,
inside inconceivable instruments
translate the sky;
and interpret its dissonant grief
on the cello.

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