Curriculum Vitae

My name is Babis Dermitzakis. I was born in Ierapetra, Crete, Greece, in 1950. I graduated the English Literature Department and the Department of Philosophy of the University of Athens. I am a Doctor of Philosophy of the same University. I have published several books on various topics. My current interests are Literature, Comparative Literature and Theater. I speak six foreign languages. I am married and I have a son.

Additional biographical notes

Well, my CV was too short, so I would like to add some additional information. I have published a lot of articles in various journals, mainly concerning Literature and Theater. I have also written a lot of literary criticism. Most of my books were published by Thimari Publications, Athens. The fist one in 1981, with the title "Parapsychology, myth or reality?". Then followed "The necessity of the myth" (1987), "Environment, feeding and quality of life" (1988), "Ecology and Democracy" (1989), "The folk character of cretan literature" (1990, Doricos), "My village:from the self-sustainance to the market economy-a social anthropological approach" (1995),a collection of short stories "The rain dance: ecological tales and stories" (1998,KEPKA) and "Narrative technics: Greek prose and drama" (doctoral thesis, 2000, Gutenberg). Among the languages I speak are russian and chinese. The theater of the East especially interests me. I like cretan music very much, and I play the local instrument, lyra


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